How do I qualify for same day support?

Clients who have a minimum of a 5 hour on-site support contract qualify for the same day support option.

Do you have a remote support option?

Yes, we offer a remote support options. This support option is ideal for businesses with virtual employees or multiple branch offices.

I'm worried about security and privacy for my business and clients. Will you sign a confidentiality agreement and how do I know you are trustworthy?

Of course, we value our relationship with our customers. Every employee must pass an extensive criminal background check and abide by the security plans established by each individual customer. We also follow HIPPA guidelines for our health service providers.

Why don't you have prices published on your website?

We are generous with our discounts and our standard rate is rarely used. We would really like to meet with any prospective customer and come up with a service plan that is custom and cost effective.

Do you offer support on the weekend?

Yes, clients who have a minimum of a 10 hour on-site support contract qualify for the weekend support option. An emergency rate does apply for this service. The rate is time and a half, exactly what we pay our employees to work overtime to service your call.

Are your technicians certified?

Yes, every technician has at least an A+ and Microsoft® certification. Different technicians have a variety of skills, so their certification will be specific to their skillset. We value industry training and like to obtain specialty certifications when its appropriate.

How can you offer so many services when I normally have to call multiple companies for the same products?

Good question! DBS uses proven technology geared to the small and medium sized businesses. For example, we only support one PBX vendor and computers from a select number of manufactures. This gives us an intimate knowledge of the product or system. We don't stray too far from what has been proven to works.