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Network Relocation

Moving into a new house can often be stressful and sometimes a nightmare, moving an office can be even more stressful. Let us handle your IT needs which leaves you able to focus on other things. We can work with builders or landlords, all your service providers, etc. This allows us to have everything installed and in place so you can walk straight in and get back to business. The smallest impact and less time down as possible is our goal.

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Network Wiring Solutions

Our network cabling services include data cabling, telephone cabling and coaxial wiring. Whether you are adding lines to an existing network, installing a surveillance system or moving an office and starting from scratch, we have you covered. We install CAT5e and CAT6 rated wiring from the wall jack to the wiring closet.

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Mobile Device Support

Mobile devices have become an essential asset for many businesses. Many employees and executives find that they can’t live without the convenience of having their calendar, e-mail, and other applications at their literal fingertips. DBS supports Apple iOS and Android devices which connect to your business network. We also provide advanced security options to protect your data that is most at risk. If a device becomes lost or stolen, the remote data can be cleared to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

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Many businesses are going to a paperless office. DBS has technology solutions to help you start a paperless environment and transition many of your old documents to an electronic filing cabinet. Our e-doc solution offers the ability to scan a document extremely fast, import documents from any image file, search documents, full OCR (optical character recognition), and is HIPAA compliant.

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Virus & Spyware Protection

A past, present, and future problem in the technology industry is the reason firewalls exist: viruses. There will always be people out there who seek to do harm whether for profit, selfishness, or fun. The results can range from a minimal impact to catastrophic events. Virus protection uses a multitude of tools: anti-virus software, updates for that software, helping stop spam and those unsolicited emails, and more. However, that is only half the battle. We will make sure that your employees have training on dos/don’ts, should/should nots, can/can nots, and dangers signs so they can aid in the fight.

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Spam Reduction

Spam can be a silent enemy, what you don’t know can be sitting in a folder, causing problems without you realizing what is causing that problem. For example, spam that is not dealt with can cause your computer to run slow. The right tools can help cut your spam issues down and cut down on hours spent by employees having to clean the folder out on a constant basis. Sometimes settings and actions unknown to the business can actually cause the company to be on a list for sending spam. Spam protection can help prevent this from happening.

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