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E-Mail Systems

Setting up an e-mail system is not just a simple procedure. There are questions and planning that need to be taken into consideration. Will the e-mail access be strictly in house or will phones, tablets, and remote computers need access? How do you want to have your e-mails backed up, stored? How will you want your e-mails restored if needed? Questions about calendars, company contacts, task lists, etc. From there, we roll out an e-mail system based on your needs

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Telephone Systems

Your telephone system is a critical part of your business. Most businesses still use telephone service as the number one way of keeping in contact with customer. Gone are the days where you were locked into one service from your local phone company. DBS can evaluate your phone service needs, compare your options, and offer you the best system and service available. Most of the time, we can save you money and offer additional versatility compared to your existing system. DBS offers advanced Voice over IP (VOIP) telephone service in addition to traditional PBX telephone systems .

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Backup Solutions

When it comes to backing up your system, things should be custom-made not a cookie-cutter system. We research your needs and your data to build the backup solution around you, not fit you into a universal system. Once the backup system is done, we are not satisfied until a full backup is accomplished with 100% completion. We know your information is important to you and nothing short of keeping all of it is not acceptable to our company.

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Internet Access

Most business are free from the limited internet options of the past. Each business has it’s own needs and we are able to examine and determine what your company needs. This keeps you from paying for services you don’t need and don’t use and also allows us to recommend the best vendors to achieve the best solution.

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Post-Installation and Technical Support

Each client has different requirements to keep their computers, servers, and network running. DBS will build a comprehensive maintenance plan that fits your budget and meets your expectations when it comes to support. We are always available for our contract customers 24/7 so that you are never without help. We also offer same day critical system support visits for your revenue impacting systems. DBS is a partner you can count on to keep you profitable and up-and-running for your customers.

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Equipment Sales

Since DBS offers consulting services, we have many connections to the top computer equipment manufactures and suppliers. This relationship offers you additional support options and great pricing on computers, laptops, printers, monitors, router, switches, firewalls, memory and many other peripherals. Of course, you are not required to purchase your computer equipment through us to utilize any of our other services. We simply want to extend you the opportunity to purchase equipment from us so that can enjoy a hassle free technology experience.

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